• In-house butcher shop

    Our EU-certified butcher shop in Munich

Fresh sausage and meat products

... fresh and homemade every day

We are very proud of our fantastic team of butchers. In the EU-certified Stiftl butcher's shop in the north of Munich, cured, cutted, pickled, smoked and seasoned with a lot of heart. Andi's passion for the butcher's profession can be felt every day. He loves to develop new recipes and spoils the "Zum Stiftl" team again and again with their own creations.

Our master butcher Andi is particularly proud of the Sennerbratwurst with mild mountain cheese and fried onions. You have to try it, you can find it on our menu under Andi's special.

But the classic veal sausage from the Stiftl butcher's shop is also incredibly good and as they say in Munich: "A good day starts with a veal sausage."

With great attention to detail and, above all, having fun in the butcher's profession, our butchers produce the various sausages and meat products for our guests every day.


We only process meat products from the "Certified Quality Bavaria" and "BIO-Bavaria" programs. In 2019 we became for those in the product groups:

  • beef
  • pork meat
  • Turkey meat
  • Broiler meat 


In 2019 we received the certification "Excellent Bavarian festival tent" for the Oktoberfest tent "Zum Stiftl".


Since 2019 we have only been selling BIO-BAYERN products from our own production at the Munich Christmas Market. These were among others:

  • BIO-BAYERN pork sausage in the BIO-BAYERN pretzel roll
  • BIO-BAYERN beer bratwurst in the BIO-BAYERN bread roll
  • BIO-BAYERN beef burger in the BIO-BAYERN bread roll with organic coleslaw, organic BBQ and organic mustard

We freshly produced the sausage products ourselves and have been successfully certified by the QAL test center. We want to act sustainably, which is why we rely on organic products from Bavaria.


We only sell certified GQ-Bayern and BIO-BAYERN meat suppliers, directly from surrounding farmers, under state controls. Our long-term partners include:

  • Altdorf organic meat
  • MuWe Fleischhandels GmbH
  • Organic butcher shop Bühler
  • Organic poultry farm Graf
  • South Bavarian meat products

They supply our butcher's shop with the best processed meat for sausage production and meat products for our catering establishments.