The Stiftl Success Story & ​​How It All Began

The family patriarch, Lorenz Stiftl, has been the proprietor of "zum Spöckmeier" on Rosenstrasse since 2009. Together with his son Stefan, he manages that traditional German restaurant with great devotion and Bavarian charm. In addition to the restaurant business, the two Stiftls run other companies in the event, commercial tent, and catering sectors.

It was always Stefan’s dream to have his own restaurant; clearly a case of “like father, like son”. Now the time has come and Stefan has fulfilled his wish and achieved his dream with "Zum Stiftl" in the very heart of downtown Munich.

It all began with a business vision of offering his guests a home away from home in the heart of the city, and now Stefan can implement all his ideas.

With the aid of the "Zum Stiftl" team, a feel-good eatery should emerge in the Tal, which offers its guests Bavarian tradition with a modern twist.

And so you can come on in and have a look around, we offer a virtual tour for you here: