Fresh sausages and meats produced daily

We are incredibly proud of our fantastic team of butchers. In the Stiftl’s own butcher shop, we cure, mince, pickle, smoke, and season meats with great dedication. Andi’s enthusiasm for his profession is apparent every single day. He loves to come up with new recipes and is always pampering the "Zum Stiftl" team with his culinary creations.

Andi is particularly proud of his Sennerbratwurst (alpine shepherd’s sausage) with mild mountain cheese and fried onions – you simply must try it, just look for “Andis Spezial” on the menu.

But the Stiftl butcher shop’s classic Weißwurst (veal sausage) is also incredibly good. And as we love to say here in Munich:
"A good day begins with a veal sausage."

Investing lots of devotion to detail and most of all great enthusiasm for their profession, our butchers produce a wide variety of sausages and other meat products fresh for our guests every day.